June 8, 2020

The last week of school has arrived! I'll see you tomorrow for our last class meeting and on Thursday for your supplies pick up.

May 29, 2020

It is the end of May!  We have been home for over 2 months. I will be able to get into my classroom next Tuesday so I will not be doing a class meeting on Zoom that morning. I will be busy packing up your student's belongings and my classroom.

Have a safe weekend!

May 23,2020

I hope you have a fun 3 day weekend!

May 18

I hope you are all doing well. I really like getting all of your assignments. It's fun to see how you are growing and practicing your skills during this time away from the school building. Hope to see you tomorrow on our weekly class meeting via Zoom.

Friday ,May 1st

Have a good weekend!

Monday, April 13th

Hello!  I hope you had a great Spring Break!  There are new optional activities for this week in the Continued Learning Resources folder.

Monday, March 23rd

Go to the Home Learning page on the PWCS web page,

here you will find a daily schedule, academic activities by content area, and learning links. The daily schedule, activities, and links are all optional. I encourage you to check out the Home Learning page in case you'd like to use it during this time students are at home. 

March 19th
  • Everything is up to date in the files and documents section.  I will continue to update my web page during this time away.

    Ideas for Math (because you know it is everywhere!)
  • cook or bake with your parents and help measure the ingredients, notice the temperature that you are cooking or baking at. 
  • Look for fractions in recipes 
  • Look for geometric shapes on your time outside
  • Make up a story problem with these numbers: 45,9, and 5.
  • Science
  • take the temperature daily with this wacky Spring weather
  • make a graph of the temperature and write about what you notice
  • look at how the animals are starting to come out and enjoy the Spring weather. Take a nature walk and write down what you hear and notice.

  • Take care my third grade friends!

    Please refer to the Bristow Run Tele Learning document for a list of online links your child may access at home. 

    To access the BRES Tele Learning document please click on the files and documents menu link of this web page.

    I miss all of you in this extended time away from school!!

    I am in the process of adding links and instructional calendars for each subject in my files and documents section of this page.