Please refer to the Bristow Run Tele Learning document for a list of online links your child may access at home. 
To access the BRES Tele Learning document please click on the files and documents menu link of this webpage.

Click here for the new PWCS Home Learning page. Here you will find a daily schedule, academic activities by content area, and learning links. The daily schedule, activities, and links are all optional. I encourage you to check out the Home Learning page in case you'd like to use it during this time students are at home. 

Pacing guides can also be found on the files and documents menu link. The pacing guides will inform you of the instruction previously covered in class as well as what we would be learning during this time. 

Please encourage your child to read each night for 20 minutes😊.

Please refer to your child’s agenda for the Encore days of each week.

Day 1- PE


Day 3- ART

Day 4- PE

Day 5- MUSIC

Grading scale:

A =90-100%
B+ =87-89%
B =80-86%
C =70-76%
D+ =67-69%
D =60-66%
F =0-59%

Please feel free to contact me at: