Dear 2nd graders and Families,
I have added this week's learning activities and lesson plan on the resources tab.  These activities are about topics that we have been working on.   Please feel free to choose which activities you would like to complete.   I know you will like the scholastic news about plants!  You may also look at other scholastic news and activities on that site.  It has a lot of really fun activities and interesting articles to read!
****Starting next Monday April 20th, we will have a weekly class meeting at 11:00 am
I will also have "Office hours" when I will answer any questions you have via e-mail.  This will be on Thursdays from 4:00-4:30 pm and Fridays from 10:30-11:00 am.  Of course, if you have a question or want to send me an e-mail I will answer you if it is not during the "office hours".   This will give parents a designated time to be able to reach me if needed. 
The Class Zoom on Monday will not just be a check in, but I will also be providing you with a lesson and and activity that I want you to work on during the week.
xxoo Mrs. Winkelmann

We will start something new this week with Writing.  Every Friday, please write to me (instead of your parents) about your week.   After you have finished, please e- mail me a picture of what you have written, or you can type me the letter and send it in an e-mail.   I can't wait to hear about what you are doing during the week!
We have a new activity this week.  You will get to take me with you as your "Flat teacher".   There is a flip-grid to try if you want to.  You may have to have your parents or older sibling help you.  Have fun.  Write about where you take me and what you are doing!

Flipgrid Code: Bres2020

The flip grid for the flat teacher adventure will not open until Saturday. So if you use the link before that you will only see this weeks flipgrid.