1.) Website Title:  Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

   Website address: http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/social_emotional.htm


: This website is designed for the gifted and talented (for parents and students and educators). It is meant to be a helpful item so that people who are dealing with problems related to gifted and talented education won’t feel they are alone in dealing with everything. This site has options for parents, educators, kids and more-including ideas and links.

2.) Website Title: Supporting Educational Needs of the Gifted. Changing Lives, Changing Futures

Website address: http://sengifted.org/about-seng

Summary: This website is designed to be a supportive tool for families with gifted children and for educators. I also got the feeling that the website is designed to educate the general public. The title of the website, Supporting Educational Needs of the Gifted is an acronym: SENG. According to the website SENG is a non-profit organization designed to bring attention to the unique needs of the gifted. The website has information about the organization’s history, it’s mission, and also offers webinars (they call them SENGinars), models for parent groups, information about conferences, and resources, including a library.


3.) Website title: Exquisite Minds

Website address: http://www.exquisite-minds.com/gifted-psychology-sites/

Summary: This website is all about helping gifted children reach their potential. The site has articles, teaching strategies, parent resources, news stories about prodigies (including videos), curriculum information, testing information and much, much more.