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Missed Units of Study for Quarter 3 and 4

Math - Decimals, Data, Measurement, and SOL Review
Science - Ecosystems and Plants
Social Studies - Civil War, Reconstruction, 20th century, Government/Economics, and SOL Review
Reading - Poetry, Author Study, and SOL Review
Writing - Poetry, Narrative Writing

**4th grade IXL: We encourage all students to practice their math skills several times a week using this website. Now IXL has made it even easier for you to know which skills your child needs to focus on. After logging onto IXL select the "Skill Plans" tab directly below Math. This will then take you to the Virginia Standards of Learning where you should select 4th Grade. These are the essential skills your child needs to review for the Va. Math SOL. Students should begin reviewing the following standards as soon as possible. Remember pick one or two skills to review each week. If you are not able to log on, please let me know.

NS ~ Number Sense

NS.4.1a,b,c - all skills listed

NS.4.2a,b - all skills listed

CE ~ Computation and Estimation

CE.4.4a,b,c,d - all skills listed

CE.4.5a,b,c - all skills listed

MG ~ Measurement and Geometry

MG.4.7  -  all skills listed

MG.4.8a - all skills listed

MG.4.10a,b - all skills listed

MG.4.11  -  all skills listed

MG.4.12  -  all skills listed

PS ~ Probability and Statistics

PS.4.13a,b,c - all skills listed

PS.14a,b,c - all skills listed

PFA ~ Patterns, Functions and Algebra

PFA.4.15  -  all skills listed

PFA.4.16  -  all skills listed