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Gainesville Middle School Science Program Link

As many of you know we have an in house enriched science program that students can apply to be a part of. The online application and short video about the program are at this link. 
Really students just have to go to our GVMS homepage and scroll down until they see "School News"  There they will find the above links too. Basically curriculum gets compressed and kids rotate teachers for science enrichment several times a year for things like: engineering and design, comparative anatomy with dissections, genetics, botany etc. Because kids rotate teachers we are limited to one enriched science class per 6th grade science teacher.  The upcoming year will most likely have 3 enriched science classes entering as 6th graders. 

( March 30-April 3) 


Unless otherwise noted, all IXL assignments will be found in 5th Grade Section 


Science:   Week 1 (March 30- April 3) 


Monday- Cells   IXL O. 1, 2 (Identify functions of plant and animal cell parts) 

Tuesday- Cells    IXL O. 4, 5  (Label parts of plant and animal cells) 

Wednesday- Cells  IXL O. 3, 6 (Compare cell and cell parts, identify parts of animal and plant cells) 

Thursday- Rocks & Minerals  IXL R. 5, 6  (Parts of Rock Cycle) 

Friday- Rocks and Minerals IXL R.3  (Classify Rocks as Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic) 

**For additional practice in this subject area click on   


Social Studies:  Week 1 (March 30-April 3) 

Monday- Oceans & Continents   IXL B. 1, 2, 3 
Tuesday-  Northeast  IXL C. 10,  D. 7 (States, Capitals) 

Wednesday- Southeast  IXL C. 7,  D. 5 (States, Capitals) 

Thursday-  Midwest  IXL C. 4,  D. 3  (States, Capitals) 

Friday- West IXL  C. 1,  D. 1 (States, Capitals) 

**For additional practice in this subject area click on: 

(Great website to review, learn, and play)  


Math:  Week 1 (March 30- April 3) 

Monday- Fractions/Decimals  IXL  K. 9,  K.11,  G. 11 (Compare, order fractions, put decimal #s in order) 
Tuesday- Fractions/Decimals  IXL  G. 12,  G. 15 (Convert fractions to decimals, convert decimals to mixed ##s) 
Wednesday- Fractions/Decimals   IXL G. 18, 21, 22  (Compare fractions and decimals, order fractions decimals, mixed #s) 

Thursday- Perimeter & Area  IXLEE.1 (perimeter) and 4th grade IXL BB.9 (area)    
Friday- Volume  IXL  EE. 13,  EE 15 (volume of cubes and rectangular prisms) 

**For additional practice in this subject area click on the links below: 

Math Investigation Games 
Math Words and Ideas   
(choose units already covered) 

Math Teacher Notes:  

Remember to use your FIVE STEP PLAN to change fractions to decimals 

1. Memorized Fraction? (¼, ⅓, ½, ⅔, ¾)   

2. Lucky Fraction? If your denominator is a 10,100, or 1000 you feel LUCKY because you just say it. 4/10= four tenths= .4   

3. Kinda Lucky Fraction? If your fraction can be easily made into a Lucky Fraction. If your denominator is a 5, 20, 25, or 50. (Example ⅗= 6/10) I multiplied the top and the bottom by the same number (2) to make it into a Lucky Fraction but still equal to the one I started with.   

4. 9’s Trick? Is my denominator a 9? If yes, then follow your pattern. 1/9=.111… 2/9=.222… 3/9=.333… 4/9=.444… 5/9=.555...etc…   

5. DIVIDE  If your numbers do not fall into any of the categories above, you MUST DIVIDE!!  Remember your numerator becomes your dividend and your denominator becomes your divisor.   


Decimals to Fractions (Say it, Write it, Simplify it) 

Ordering Fractions/Decimals (Use benchmarks 0, 1/2, 1 to help guide you, cross multiply when needed) 

Perimeter (Add all of the sides together) 

Area of Square or Rectangular Prism (Multiply length x height) 

Area of Right Triangle (Multiply length x width then THEN DIVIDE BY 2) 

Volume (Multiply length x width x height) 



Language Arts:  Week 1 (March 30- April 3) 

Reading :  Complete 1-2 passages on Readtheory each day and the following in IXL activities     

Monday- Main Idea  IXL  A.1,  A.2   
Tuesday- Theme/Author's Purpose  IXL  B.1, C.1  
Wednesday- Text Structures   IXL D.1, D.2 (Order of Events/Compare Contrast) 

Thursday Text Structures IXL D.3, D.4 (Cause/Effect - Problem/Solution) 
Friday- Text Structures  IXL  D.5 (Identifying all text structures) 

**For additional practice in this subject area click on the links below: 

Benchmark Universe:  Access Clever First 
Access to Clever 
MrNussbaum  (Reading 5th Grade) 


Complete a short journal entry 1-2+ paragraphs about the topic listed for the day or create your own topic for that day.  Keep this in a journal at home or complete it in your office 365 account using Microsoft word and share with your teacher for feedback. 


Monday- Prompt- April is coming up quickly and it is Keep America Beautiful Month. Describe the most beautiful place in your neighborhood or that you have visited.  Be descriptive!! 

Tuesday- Prompt- This is the last day of March and clearly a lot has happened over the past 31 days. Look back over the past month and write about your favorite memories from March. If you could do one thing differently, what would it be and why? 

Wednesday- Prompt- Today is April 1st or better known as April Fools’ Day. Write about the best joke you ever played on someone, a joke someone has played on you, or a trick you plan to play on someone in the future. 


Thursday PromptFlorida is known as the Sunshine State because of its beautiful weather and sunny climate. If you could make a nickname for Virginia, what would it be and explain why? 


Friday- Prompt- Springtime can be blustery and windy! Imagine that you’re walking down the street at sunset when the wind blows your favorite hat right off your head and into a wooded area behind you. Write about what you find when you chase your hat into the woods. 




Week of March 23-27  
Review Material Already Covered 
this School Year

Click on the Below Links for Additional Practice by Subject Area 

Math Investigation Games

Math Words and Ideas  
(choose units already covered)

(choose 5th grade review units)  

Social Studies:
(Great website to review, learn, and play)

Language Arts: 
 For continued practice in reading comprehension use any of the following websites
ixl link
at the 5th grade level students can review the following material
Reading Strategies - A1, A2, B1, C1, D1-5, H1-3, J1, M1-3, N1-2
Vocabulary - V1-8, Y1-4, BB1-3, FF1-7
*students should not worry about their score on this site just use the activities for practice

Benchmark Universe
(students can only access Benchmark through Clever - use the link below)

Read Theory

Mr. Nussbaum

for continued practice in writing use ideas/activities from the following link
writing practice

**Students who did not take their math test on Friday, March 13th may review at home as the test date is TBD.

Algebra Study Guide

Algebra Sort

Pattern Study Guide

Number Pattern Cards

Click here for learning links to keep instruction happening over the break


Curriculum and Pacing Guide Information

(All units covered except LIGHT, FLE )

*Science Pacing Guide

Social Studies
(All units covered except Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, 
Central America)

*Social Studies Pacing Guide

(All units covered except Geometry, Probability)

*Math Pacing Guide

Language Arts

(Curriculum yet to be taught.....Units 5 & 6) 

Fifth Grade Focus for Elementary Language Arts Units 


Fifth Grade

Unit 1

4-6 weeks

August 26, 2019- October 4, 2019

Unit 2

4-6 weeks

October 7, 2019- November 15, 2019

Unit 3

4-6 weeks

November 18, 2019-December 20,2019


Getting Ready: Launching the Reading Workshop

Exploring Fiction Through Character Study

Talking About Books: Book Discussions, Book Talks and Book Clubs

Metacognitive Strategies

Make Connections

Monitor/Fix Up


Monitor/Fix Up

Ask and Answer Questions

Make Inferences

Ask and Answer Questions

Determine Importance

Make Inferences



Getting Ready: Launching the Writing Workshop

Exploring Narrative Writing

Exploring Opinion Writing

Fifth Grade

Unit 4

6-8 weeks

January 6, 2020- February 28, 2020

Unit 5

3-4 weeks

March 2, 2020- March 27, 2020

Unit 6

4-6 weeks

March 31, 2020- May 15, 2020



Exploring Informational Text


Pulling It All Together: A Celebration Through Author Study

Metacognitive Strategies


Ask and Answer Questions

Determine Importance


Monitor/Fix Up

Make Inferences

Determine Importance

Make Connections

Summarize/ Synthesize



Research Writing

Descriptive Writing

Pulling It All Together: A Celebration Through Expository Writing





Thank you for all the donations for the class store.  It's great to have new items for the kids to buy!

Glance at Next Week:

Math-  Algebra, Patterns

Science-  SOL Review Packets due on Friday

Social Studies- Finish Southwest, Begin Canada

Language Arts- Research Papers, Text Features, Review Packets due on Friday

March 12- SOL Night 7-8pm (Starts in BRES cafeteria)


Marstellar MS Upcoming Dates:   

May 7 - 6:30 - Help, My Baby's Going to Middle School!   Parent Only Workshop to talk about what to expect the next 3 years. 

May 14 - 6:30 - New Student Open House



Gainesville Middle School Music Elective Forms went home today with our students who will be attending GVMS next school year.  Please decide with your child what he/she would like to take next year and return the form by Friday, March 6th.  A form also went home today regarding GVMS informational night on March 25th at 6pm.

Glance at Next Week:

Math  Order of Operations, Algebra

Science   Sound Test (Goodwill's Class- Monday)  (Hillis' Class- Wednesday)

Social Studies  Southwest

Language Arts   Text Features, Research, Reading Responses

**We could still use items for our class store, we are grateful for your donations.  (Examples:  Individually wrapped candy or snacks) 


Upcoming Dates:

Monday- Sound Test (Goodwill's Class)

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Sound Test (Hillis' Class)   Reading Book Fair Night 4:30-6:30pm


Thank you for your donations toward our class party on Friday.  We had a fun time celebrating with our classes.  
Glance at Next Week:
Monday- No School (President's Day)
Tuesday- Gainesville Middle School Information Meeting @ BRES 10:20am
Friday-  Dress like an animal day: Wear a t-shirt/sweatshirt with an animal on it! (No Animal Costumes Please)



Math- Decimal Computation (division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, word problems)  Test Monday 2/24

Science-  Sound  (Students have assigned weekly SOL review study guides and questions . . . due on Fridays.)



Reading - Text Structures/Text Features
Writing - Begin Research Writing, Reading Responses, Journal Writing



Upcoming Dates:

March 3- No School

March 12- SOL informational night

March 26- STEAM Night 7-8pm


March 27- End of 3rd Quarter
March 30- No School



Glance at Next Week:

Math:  Fraction Computation with Word Problems

Science:  Matter  (Please see sign up genius for edible science project donations)

Language Arts:  Nonfiction, Text Features, Main Idea, Supporting Details, Writing Persuasive Essay


Monday-    No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Thursday-  Pyramid Concert @ Patriot HS 7pm

Friday-      1/2 Day   (End of 2nd Quarter)


January 27- No School (Teacher Work Day)

February 12- Field Trip to Hylton Perfoming Arts Center : Please send the orange permission form back with the $13 if your child is attending.


We've had a great full week after Thanksgiving Break. 

Glance at Next Week:

Math:  Data Analysis (stem & leaf plots, line plots) Mean, Median, Mode

Science: Oceanography Test Friday,  December 13th

Language Arts: Theme, Context Clues, Cause and Effect, Narrative #2


Upcoming Dates:

December 16- SCA 3:30pm

December 19- Winter Concert (Strings/Chorus)- 7pm

Winter Class Party- More information to come!




   Glance at Next Week:
Math-  Fractions & Decimals
Social Studies-  Southeast
Monday- No School (Veteran's Day)
Wednesday- Report Cards go Home
November 27-29th- Thanksgiving Break


We have several opportunities coming up for you to be involved in your child's educational experience- and we welcome your help!

1.  Fall Math Carnival- October 31st- Please see weekly email.

2.  Edible Science Projects-  Please see weekly email.

Glance at Next Week:

Math:  Measurement Test- Thursday

Language Arts:   Publish Personal Narratives, Reading 1st Quarter Summative Assessment

Science:   Geological Processes


Tonight- Costume Bingo  7pm-9pm

Spirit Days Next Week- See Form that went home today.

Monday- Picture Day Approximately @ 1:30pm, Field Trip Forms and Money Due

October 28th- Literacy Night

October 29th- Field Trip

October 31st- Fall Math Carnival!

Have a great week, and thank you for your help with our upcoming Fun Fall Activities!


September 20, 2019

 Come join the fun at the BRES Block Party this evening from 6-8pm.

Glance at Next Week:

Math:  Division

Language Arts: Main Idea, Supporting Details, Narrative Writing

Social Studies:  Geography (Students should be studying notes Monday-Thursday)


Back to School Night:  Thursday September 26th:  7-8pm.

September 13, 2019

Due to the weather, the Block Party scheduled for tonight has been postponed to next Friday.  We have had a lot of students sign up for Strings class which meets during Core Extension in the mornings.  Strings class will begin this upcoming week and meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Glance at Next Week:

Language Arts:  Writing Personal Narrative, Main Idea and Supporting Details

Math:     Review Multiplication, Division, Finding the Area, Word Problems (Please keep practicing basic multiplication and division facts!)

Social Studies:  Map and Globe Skills, Geography


Thursday-  Code of Behavior Assembly 2:30-3:10

Friday- Block Party 6-8pm


September 26- Back to School Night 7-8pm


Have a great weekend!

Mr. Goodwill and Mrs. Hillis

September 6, 2019

   What a wonderful week!  Students are adjusting to classroom routines and schedules.  We had another successful class store today, thank you for all of the new donations that came in this week.  Please talk to your student about how they are organizing their math and science/social studies notes and handouts, they may need a few folders to help them be better organized.

Glance at Next Week:

Language Arts- Conflict resolution, Problem and Solution

Math- Begin Unit 2 Multiplication and Division

Science- Review Living Systems (Test on Friday)  Students should be studying notes daily and using for further review.


Friday- Block Party:  6-8pm

September 26th- Back to School Night 7-8pm.


   We have had a great first week of 5th grade with your students, ending the week with our class store.  Thank you to all of the parents who donated items!

Glance at Next Week:

Monday- No School

Friday-- Strings forms are due


Language Arts- Character Development, Character Traits, Plot and Theme

Math-  Addition and Subtraction, Estimation, and Solving Real Life Problems(Test on Friday)

Science-Living Systems (Students should be reviewing notes nightly Monday- Thursday)


September 13, 2019-  Block Party

September 26, 2019- Back to School Night 7-8pm

August 2019

Welcome back Bristow Run Panthers!  
I am looking forward to another great school year!

 Mrs. Hillis and I will be team teaching again this school year.  Mrs. Hillis will be teaching Math to both of our homeroom classes, while I will be teaching Language Arts.

If you have any questions, throughout the school year, do not hesitate to contact us: