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"We are Professional Kindergartners"

The Kindergarten Team has compiled a list of suggested activities for your student to continue to practice their reading and math skills at home. Choose the activities that work best for your student.  *All of the documents are in the ‘Files and Documents’/’At Home Activities’ to the left. 

  • ReadingCreate a reading log* at home, writing down books that your child has read to you and you have read to them. 

  • Use Reading strategies* and tips to help your reader. 

  • Review sight words.  You can also have your child find sight words in magazines, books and in other forms of print.  

  • MathPlay board games at home with your child (Sorry, Uno, etc.) 

  • Writing Journal:*  Each day have your child write one or more sentences, sharing about the thing(s) they did that day or their favorite part of the book they read. 



We are thinking of our kindergarten families and are hoping everyone is healthy and safe. If there is anything we can do to assist you during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please give your kids a hug and tell them that we miss them dearly!