Bullying Prevention
Bully Prevention at
Bristow Run Elementary School
Dear Parents:
We want to make you aware of the anti-bullying lessons we are teaching your children. We teach a STAR tool called the People Problem Solving Star that has 5 ways to solve problems that we call “little stuff.” If a student has a “little stuff” problem, they can use any of the five methods on the People Problem Solving STAR. When they come to an adult we will usually ask “Have you tried at least three ways to solve your problem?” An example of this would be if a student is cutting in line, the student being cut should say, “Please stop I don’t like you cutting in front of me,” just ignore them, or talk it out by asking the student why they cut or make a deal that they can be first today and tomorrow someone else will be.

“Big stuff” is when the student is unable to solve the problem by using the 5 ways listed on the STAR or other ways you may discuss with them. “Big stuff” is also defined if the problem is against school rules, such as someone calling them an inappropriate name or putting their hands on them in any way. Basically if a student breaks school rules a teacher or other adult should know about it. This is called reporting and not “tattling”.

As part of our bullying prevention program, teachers hold class meetings each week.  
Thank you for your continued support in helping us be a Bully Prevention school and encouraging students to be problem solvers.