Mrs. Jeck and Mrs. Ball

Dear BRES Families,

Welcome to a new school year! We miss you and hope that you are all healthy and doing well. As we prepare for a beginning like no other we have seen in the past, please be reassured that we are committed more than ever to ensuring the following:

  • EVERY child, EVERY day knows they are cared about by all of our BRES staff,
  • EVERY child, EVERY day feels connected,
  • EVERY child, EVERY day is being challenged by new learning and experiences

Since March 13 we have all found ourselves faced with finding a new normal for learning. Throughout this unpredictable journey, we have connected in unique ways and learning has been transformed as our teachers worked collaboratively to determine how to best support our students from afar. We are so very grateful for all of our teachers and their tremendous efforts with supporting our students as they continue to learn and grow in a virtual environment.  This journey has also given us a newfound appreciation for the little things in life –giving a high five, a hug or just being able to be with all of our students and teachers in the building. Through it all, we have persevered and stayed connected as a BRES Family. WE ARE BRES STRONG!

As we embark upon a new school year, we want to reassure you that our dedication to your children and their education remains stronger than ever! The beginning of this year may not be “normal,” but our learning will continue and it will thrive! Our students deserve nothing but our best!

Please know that our partnership with you is of the utmost importance to us and our door is always open. We are both humbled and honored to be your administrative team and look forward to a wonderful school year!


Warmest regards,

Mrs. Jeck and Mrs. Ball