Learning Rotation Schedule
Posted on 04/16/2020
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Learning Rotation Schedule

Bristow Run’s staff has worked hard to provide a variety of learning opportunities and to connect with our students over the last three weeks.  We recognize that this is a stressful time for many and want to offer a more aligned and focused approach.  We have developed a Learning Rotation Schedule that provides a focus area for each day of the week.  Students are encouraged to work 60 minutes per day and parents have the freedom to change the schedule to accommodate their families’ need.  Weekly plans are posted each Monday for the entire week.  Starting the week of April 13th, each grade level will provide more choice in activities. Variety will be offered to include low or no tech learning opportunities as well.  All activities will be review for previously taught objectives and are optional to complete.  We are hopeful that your focus will continue to be on your family’s well-being and that these streamlined resources make life a little easier. 

Learning Rotation Schedule Download

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Language Arts Social Studies Math Science Writing
PE Art Music PE Guidance


Contact your child's teacher if you need their office hours during the school closure.