Friday was an amazing day celebrating the success of Shark Tank by visiting all participants with prizes, certificates, banners, and balloons. A huge shout out to Mrs. Hillis and Mr. Goodwill on the organization of Shark Tank during Virtual Learning! Our students worked so hard as little entrepreneurs showcasing their Inventions for Sharks via Zoom. A huge thank you to the following who helped our vision come true in various ways such as donating prizes, planning, organizing and so much more - Miss Bagonyi, Moe’s, 7-Eleven, BRES PTO and our amazing bookkeeper Tami Griffith.

Shark Tank Winners
Congrats to all our BRES Entrepreneurs

Best Invention, First Place - Kyla P.

Best Invention, Second Place - Alexis M., Ashleigh B.

Best Presentation, First Place - Alexis M, Ashleigh B.

Best Presentation, Second Place - Lilly E., Grace H.

Best Negotiation, First Place - Dominic B., Pierce M.

Best Negotiation, Second Place - Alexis M., Ashleigh B.

Best Overall Entrepreneur, First Place - Alexis M., Ashleigh B.

Best Overall Entrepreneur Second Place - Ejaz R., Dylan L.

Best Overall, Runner-Up- Alie K.

Best Camera Presence - Lucy O.

Best Logo - Lily D., Kristina W.

Most Passion For Their Project - Ryan B.

Best Inspiration for Invention - Jonah N.

Most Eco-friendly Invention - Madalyn N.